Depending on who was the deceased breadwinner (worker under an employment contract or state or municipal civil servants, military personnel or law enforcement officer), pensions in connection with loss of breadwinner governed by different laws.
To calculate the pension for a deceased employee or civil servant determine the amount paid to the Pension Fund insurance contributions (pension capital) till the day you die. Calculate the regulatory of insurance of the deceased until the date of death, based on the condition that full year of life of the deceased after the age of 19 years equal to 4 months of insurance: add up to 12 months for 4 months for each year – it will be a standard experience, which should not exceed 180 months. Divide the regulatory experience by 180 and multiply by the expected duration of pension payment, equal to 228 months. Then divide pension assets on the obtained ratio and on the number of dependents. To the result add base size, which is a fixed amount, indexed annually.
For the calculation of pensions to the dependants of a serviceman or law enforcement officer the sum of money allowances of the deceased, the sum of his salary, the salary for rank and percent premium on superannuation. If the death of the breadwinner was caused by disease or injury (injury received in the line of duty, a pension for loss of breadwinner for each dependent calculate in the amount of 40 percent from the estimated allowance. If the illness or injury of a deceased breadwinner are not associated with a service, calculate a pension for loss of breadwinner for each dependent in the amount of 30 percent of the estimated allowance.