You will need
  • - shovel;
  • - garden forks;
  • bucket;
  • bags of potatoes;
  • - greenhouse film or a tarpaulin.
For harvesting potatoes when possible, choose dry weather. Potatoes gathered in the rain from the wet ground, worse stored and quickly begins to rot. In the middle zone of Russia the potatoes, depending on the variety (early or late), you should dig in August or September. Prepare everything you need for work. You need a shovel or garden fork, bucket, bags under the potatoes, as well as the greenhouse film or a tarpaulin.
To determine the maturity have not dug potatoes as a topper. If the potato plants began to juhoti, to turn yellow and fall to the ground the potatoes are ripe, and you can dig. To verify this, podkonice a Bush and look at the size and condition of the tubers.
Easier just to dig potatoes in the following way: podkonice the ground with a shovel or forks at a short distance from the potato Bush and slightly lift it. Pull the tops and pull it up. Be sure to conquer the entire hive as a whole, not individual branches, not to tear them apart.
When you feel the Bush give in to your efforts and is moving up, start it a little shake to crumbled earth. As a result, you will be able to pull out the entire root systems of the shrub at once. Remove potato tubers from the roots, shake them and put them in a bucket next standing. Go to another hive and continue.
If the weather allows, the potatoes did not immediately pour in the bags. Lay on the ground film or a tarp and pour out on him the dug tubers. While you are working, the potatoes will dry out and not rot in the bags. After you dig all the potatoesbefore storing it have time to dry properly. To do this in a shaded dry area put the tubers in a thin layer on the floor, covered with Newspapers, a tarp or just bare (but not necessarily dry) and leave it for two or three days.