You will need
  • Evidence that you are unable to return to their home country in view of the fact that your life or freedom is threatened because of racial, religious or national origin, as well as because of political views.
Get to the country of the European Union, which you want to seek asylum.
Ask for asylum immediately upon arrival in the country. Refer to the guards or to the appropriate interagency service. Thus, in France, you must contact the Prefecture in the United States – Immigration in Switzerland to the Federal Council for refugees in the UK – the National refugee support in Spain – the Department for asylum and protection in Germany – Federal office for the granting of refugee status to foreigners, etc.
Submit formal application – the petition for granting asylum.
Provide the existing documents proving the eligibility of your request. It can be legal documents, medical certificates, newspaper articles, message tracing, etc. Necessary to translate these documents into the language of the country you ask for asylum.
Come to an interview with a representative of the immigration service. It is very important to tell about your life and the persecution that you have suffered.
Wait for the decisions of the immigration Commission in your case.
If you are given political asylum and you get refugee status, you will be issued a residence permit in this country for 10 years.
If you are denied political asylum, you need to appeal. The appeal must be written in the language of the country in which you ask for political asylum and signed by you personally.