You will need
  • - metal pipe;
  • - clutch;
  • cranes;
  • tape FUM;
  • cable;
  • socket;
  • machines;
  • - suction valve;
  • - non-return valve;
  • - protection against dry running;
  • bolts.
For installation of the pumping station will buy plastic pipe intended for carrying water, coupling the relevant output and input openings of the pump and pipe, cable cross-section 1,5 and long enough to make the connection separately. You will also need the socket to ground, intake valve, non-return valve, protection against dry running, if the station is not provided this function, bolts, tape FUM.
If you are an independent installation, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. Improper installation and commissioning can void your warranty for servicing, and, therefore, all produce in strict accordance with the description in the instructions.
Install the pumping station as close as possible to the source of water flow, that is, to the well. Equipment installation must be carried out in a dry, well-ventilated place. Secure the unit on a rigid base with the mounting bolts inserted into the mounting holes.
Guide a water pipe at the desired point in the water supply, install cranes, mount the power supply. Take the wire from the breaker box with a separate system of machines. Install the socket and take the branch to the ground.
At the well install back pressure valve and the suction line of the pump suction valve. If not provided the system protection and dry run, to install it additionally. But at the present time almost all pumps have their own automatic protection system and therefore requires no additional installation.
Connect the suction system for the pump and the well, all the joints are uplotnaet with tape FUM. Air suction anywhere should not be, as all vacuum pumps, and in the presence of suction they will not self-disconnect that can lead the device.
The same method, connect the pipe system with the outlet of the pump.
Adjust the pressure in the reservoir in accordance with the instructions in the instructions for adjustment. Pour in tank water.
Open the valves, start the pump. As soon as all the air from the system water pipes, you can close the valves and use the pump as needed. You will simply use water from the tap, and the station itself will turn on and off.