You will need
  • carton of juice or milk, a few pebbles, tempera paints, scissors, sewing machine, yellow cloth, coloured cardboard, wool, thread, needle.
Box from under milk or juice, rinse very thoroughly, allow to drain water and to dry. Through the hole put a few weights - these can be stones or metal balls. Paper yellow thoroughly glue the box on all sides.
To the side of the box attach a line from the middle of the top edge to the center bottom. Right in the middle, put pencil mark. Similarly, mark the center of the face on the other side. Gently on the marked points make holes with a diameter of about 5 mm for the owner Bob.
In the lower part of the front side deviate from each corner towards the middle of side 2 cm mark with a pencil. Here – on the front side (not on the bottom), make two holes for future legs.
Take a flap of yellow cloth, preferably fleece and cut from it a rectangle with sides 31х1,5 cm fold the smaller side on the wrong side of 5 mm and pristrochite. Fold along the inside face and pristrochite, leaving the allowances to 5 mm. Make a second such item of yellow cloth.
In the first case, insert the wire length of 30 cm and tightly tie a string at both ends. Thread the wire through the box through the side holes.
Now make hands. From the same cloth cutting 4 triangles with sides equal to 4 cm and Sew the two together, and right sides, leave a small opening unsewn, turn. Through these holes loosely fill the triangles with polyester wadding or cotton wool. Put them on the ends of the wire and tightly tie a yellow string or strong thread.
Thread comes in a needle shape at the ends of the triangle fingers. Insert the needle into the center of the triangle and from the center pass the thread to the edge. Now, throwing the thread over the edge, insert the needle into the same hole from the back side. Make three more of these stretching across the side.
Bob sew shoes. Take the flap of black fabric and cutting two oval 6 cm long and 4 cm wide including 5 mm of the allowances. Sew, leaving a small hole. Turn, stuff with cotton or polyester batting. In one of the holes made for the legs of the Sponge, insert the yellow end of the second cover. With the help of the crochet and pull it through the second hole. Insert into the holes of the shoes the ends hanging yellow cover and secure with thread.
Of white cardboard cut out two large circle for the eyes and stick on a box close to each other. Two smaller circle cut out of cardboard and glue on the white. Draw red paint smile, and of white cardboard cut out and glue two rectangular tooth.
Burgundy fill the bottom and line up the bottom edge with a width of 2 cm. of white cardboard cut a strip the length equal to the perimeter of the box and 1.5 cm wide Glue it over Burgundy stripe pants Bob. With a thin brush, draw the collar and glue the tie is made of red cardboard or scraps of fabric.
Huge dark yellow stains on the Sponge at the three black eyelashes on each eye and black pupils. With yellow yarn make a raised edging on all edges of the box, placing it on the glue.