What is the correct query

The correct query will be considered in the event that if a search engine understands it. She can't read our thoughts and acts in a purely logical manner and carefully crafted algorithms. Therefore, in the first place, the query must contain a few words. The system perceives better nouns than verbs. Therefore, the query "repair of a vacuum cleaner" show results more useful sites than "to repair the vacuum cleaner. By the way, the query "repair cleaner will also be considered correct since search engines do not take into account the declension, case and number.

The proportion making the correct search query is recommended to use at least two tools of a successful search: advanced search and query language.

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to find information detailing the various options: region, site URL, or section of the site, the location of the words (anywhere or in the title), forms of words (in any form or exactly as specified in the request), the format of source material (html, pdf, rtf, doc, swf, xls, ppt, docx, odt, etc.). Use the advanced search Yandex at this link: http://yandex.ru/search/advanced?&lr=35 Google http://www.google.ru/advanced_search.

Query language

Manage search and query the most accurate and understandable to search engines using the query language containing special command or so called operators. For example, the plus operator ( + ) in front of the word mandatory request, eliminates unnecessary variation in the results. For example, we introduce searching for "Terminator I", and the results obtained and information about "Terminator I" and "Terminator II" and "Terminator III". If you enter "Terminator I", information about other parts of the film will disappear from the output. There is a minus operator, in order to clean up the result of the issuance of unnecessary links on the topic. This is useful if a key word has several meanings. For example, when prompted key manufacturer –violin -nut" shows information about the manufacturer of door keys.

In the query language, there are more complex commands. For example, a request mime:pdf summer lang:EN will bring in Yandex pdf files that contain the word "summer".

Guide to using a query language Yandex is here: http://help.yandex.ru/search/query-language/crib-sheet.xml. With operators Google search queries can be found at this link: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/136861?hl=ru

How jokes Google

In a video game series Star Fox, there is a trick Barrel roll (barrel), and guess how to make it very difficult. When the number of queries How to do a barrel roll how to do barrel) on Google got to be too much, the search engine came up with a joke. If you type in the search box Google the phrase Do a barrel roll, then in most browsers the page will turn over 360 degrees.