Advice 1: How to cut rabbit

Rabbits are animals that do not require special care. They are neat and tidy. In the wild, cleaning and grooming takes them more time than in domestic rabbits. Timely trimming of rabbit rescues them from the heat, especially for decorative long-haired animals. This procedure is especially relevant in the summer, because the long coat can lead to overheating and animals suffocating from the heat.
How to cut rabbit
Cut the rabbit on the table or in your lap. Start with combing to clean hair of dirt. Then a pair of scissors with pointed ends, starting from the back, cut narrow strips, gradually moving to the sides. Need to cut carefully so as not to injure the animal. Leave length of wool should be no more than 5 mm. the Stomach is cut only in males. The feathers on the abdomen of the female does not cut, but only lightly pruned, due to the presence of nipples.
Flip a rabbit on the back you need, holding his right hand over his ears, and the left over skin. Head of mobile and restless animals carefully held between his knees. Limbs to keep the left hand and the right cut, keeping special caution. Ears, head, paws and tail cut only if the fluff exceeds the length of 5 cm or begins to fall. You should not repair the defects haircut, fur in rabbits is growing very rapidly, and in three weeks your pet will look very attractive. Fluff removed, depending on its length and maturity of the rabbit. Remove the fluff with a length of less than 6 cm is not recommended.
Winter haircut gives 20-40% more fluff than summer. Collect Pooh from rabbits to start with 2-2,5 months, and getting 10-15 Second cut is carried out in four months, collecting 20-25 g, the third to the sixth month of life, take 30-35 g from the animal. In adults the down is harvested five to six times a year. On the basis of the uneven growth of hair in rabbits wool breeds, after seven months of age fluff would collect every month. It's time consuming, but such a schedule lint eliminates losses.

Rabbit fluff — used for making warm, soft and beautiful knits.

Advice 2 : How often to cut hair to grow faster

That hairstyle kept its shape enough to cut hair once a month. But how often to cut hair to grow faster? On this account there are several opinions.
How often to cut hair to grow faster

How much hair grows a month?

The speed of hair growth depends on the rate of cell division in the follicle. Follicle is the place of finding and fixing the hair follicles. In an average month, the hair grows at 1-2 cm, It depends on their condition. The healthier the hair, the faster they grow.

How often to cut hair?

Appearance and growth rate of hair is an indicator of human health. There are several ways that the hair became stronger and grew quickly. Haircut is one of them.

Professional stylists and hairdressers think that if growing hair needs at least once a month to cut the tips of the scissors at least a millimeter. It is important to maintain a healthy hair structure. It is also necessary to take special vitamins for hair.

The people usually stick to the lunar calendar. According to him, there are days that affect the growth of hair. If you cut your hair in such a day, they will grow faster and be thicker. Most often these days fall on the growing moon.

What you need to know to avoid damage to your hair?

If damaged hair looks dull and nondescript, and almost cease to grow.

There are three types of injuries: mechanical, thermal and chemical.

Mechanical damage and hair broken outer layer of the hair shaft. The reason for this can be a daily combing of the hair. It happens gradually, so if you care for your hair, make different masks, it is possible to avoid it. It is best to use wooden comb.

The thermal damage of the hair gets in everyday use a hair dryer or straightener. At high temperatures the evaporation of water from the hair, which leads to its destruction. To avoid such damage it is necessary to lower the temperature regime used devices.

To avoid chemical damage is necessary after hair coloring or any other chemical influence on them, to carry out restorative procedures.

Tips for hair care while growing

The hair to grow faster, they need constant care. Any damage, however slight, may lead to slowdown in their growth.

Your daily shampoo should be replaced by a special, stimulating hair growth.

Should abandon thermal effects on the hair. If for some reason impossible, you should use a heat-protective means to reduce the likelihood of damage. You should also not forget about the gentle laying, reducing the time of exposure to hot air with the hair.
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