You will need
  • Light bulb the same shape and the same size of the cap that burned out.
Disconnect the electricity to the room where the lamp needs replacing with a light bulb - this is a prerequisite by performing that, you will protect yourself from possible injuries or electric shock. Off is possible to produce by turning off the switch of automatic circuit breaker located in the switchboard. If you don't know exactly which of these switches is responsible for a power outage in your desired room, you can determine it by experiment, enabling and disabling them one by one, extinguished the light and become involved in a particular area, you will identify the desired toggle switch.
Unscrew the blown light bulb of the halogen lamp by moving counterclockwise. Try to do it gently, without damaging the bulb. Otherwise you can get hurt on the surface.
Keep the whole bulbthat you're going to screw in return blown. If you do not know in advance which parameters of the new light bulb you need, after unscrewing a light bulb, you should take her for example, if you purchase new bulbs at the store.
The whole twist the new bulb in the lamp by moving clockwise. Do this carefully, without twisting the bulb too tight at the base.
Enable you have turned off your electricity in the room, which was to replace a light bulb, returning to the place the switch of automatic circuit breaker. Close the switchboard.
Try whether you have made a replacement light bulb spot lamp, moving the lever switch in position "on". When enabled should not be located directly under the spot lamp, as in the case of possible manufacturing defects (not completely exclude this possibility) you screwed the bulb, it may shatter into shards and injure you.