You will need
  • The light bulb of the same shape, power, size, and height of the cap that is faulty. A chair or stool.
To replace the light bulb on the ceiling is simple enough. First of all disconnect the flow of electric current in the lamp in which you want to change the light bulb. To do this, use the switch lamp - switch it to "off". Otherwise you run the risk of unpleasant and sometimes tragic consequences from exposure to open electrical current. In addition, replacing old light bulbs with new in the flow of current can result in damage to the second. Usually failure occurs with defective products.
If you want to change just the burned out lamp, wait for it to cool down not to burn hands on hot glass of her enclosure. Prepare the new bulbto be set free cartridge. If you do not have a suitable working light bulbs, take the old product and go shopping to the store of manufactured goods - there you'll be able to easily purchase a new product given the required parameters.
Stand on a stool, one hand gently Unscrew the lamp counterclockwise, without pressing on the glass body, the other hand gently holding the bulb from the offset. This will allow you to save the wiring is intact, and hands from cuts by broken glass. If the bulb is in a closed ceiling, you must remove the canopy.
Screw a working bulb into the lamp cartridge clockwise until it stops. Not pushing the glass body of the housing, otherwise it could crack. If the goods are faulty, damaged glass housing even from a slight effort.
Test the new bulbs by turning on the flow of electric current. To do this, move the position of the switch as "on". If the room is still dark, then most likely the bulb is not enough twisted or faulty.