You will need
  • - Acronis Disk Direcrot.
Remember that the sooner you start to recover lost data, the greater the probability of successful execution of this operation. Download and install Acronis Disk Director is Better to use version 10 or newer. Restart the computer and open the Acronis.
In the menu that appears, select the tab "View" and select "Manual mode". Now find an image of the unpartitioned area of the hard drive. Previously, there had to be a hard drive partition (local disk D). Click right mouse button and select "Recovery" in the submenu "Advanced".
After launching the new menu with the title "recovery Mode", select "manual" and click "Next". In the next window, specify the full search method and again click "Next". In this mode the program can significantly longer to search the remote section, but the probability of successful recovery is greatly enhanced.
Now, wait a while, allowing the program to search for previously existing partitions. Left-click on one of them, which was recently removed. Click "Next" to complete the wizard search for topics.
Expand the tab "actions" and select "Run". Wait until Acronis. The speed of the recovery partition depends on its size, degree of employment and the performance of the computer.
Close the program after completion of the utility work. Restart the computer and check the status of the restored partition. If in the process of restoring lost important files, use utility Easy Recovery to return them. In this case it is better to work with the function Deleted Recovery. This will improve the chances of successful recovery of data after partition deletion.