If you write its structural formula, it will be clear that ethyl acetate is formed from two molecules: CH3CH2OH ethyl alcohol and acetic acid CH3COOH. When the connection is "breaking off" the water molecules with the formation of a "bridge" With-O. Therefore, one way of obtaining this substance is: C2H5OH (ethanol) + CH3COOH (acetic acid) = С2Н5О-СОСН3 + H2O
When boiling a mixture of ethanol and acetic acid, in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid, as a water absorbent, is the reaction of esterification. The pair formed congenerous ether, and then purified from impurities.
Another method of producing ethyl acetate – the reaction of acetic anhydride with ethyl alcohol. She goes on as follows: (CH3CO)2O + 2C2H5OH = 2С2Н5О-СОСН3 + H2O
Can you synthesize ethyl acetate by reaction of a salt of acetic acid, e.g. sodium acetate, with ethyl chloride. The product formed in the following way: СН3СООNa + C2H5Cl = C2H5O-CO-CH3 + NaCl