You will need
  • - thread crochet;
  • - hook appropriate for the yarn.
Flat cord (fixed length)the Simplest variant of a cord is a chain of air loops knitted of voluminous yarn. If you are using thin thread, knitting you need two or three additions. Put together 2-3 threads of different colors, and the lace will varied.
You may want a thicker sample? Knit chain of air loops, equal in length to the cord. Turn the knitting and provarite one row of connecting bars. If the width is not enough, tie another row.
If you need a fairly wide lace, even lace, also enter the air loop according to the length of the cord and provarite one row of columns with nakida. The disadvantage of this simple and rapid method consists in that the finished tape may be twisted and it will have advanced, and straighten with an iron to steam setting.
Surround multi-colored cord (adjustable length)depending on the desired thickness of the lace, take 3-4 of the ball of thread the same thickness. Very beautiful work cords, knitted from threads of different colors. Fold the loose ends of the thread together and tie in a knot. Choose one thread, tie an air loop, it pull the next loop, but a different color. Continue to knit chain of air loops, alternating threads of different colors. It is very important to comply with the order of alternation of colors, otherwise will not work a beautiful pattern.
The lace connected round (variable length)is rather thick but soft cord can be linked in the following way. Type 4 air loop, connect in a ring connecting column. Tie a row of 4 columns without nakida. Next, knit in a circular spiral one column without nakida in each loop of the previous row. You should get a hollow tube without seams. Vary the length at will.