You will need
    • yeast dough
    • rolling pin
    • pan.
In order for the rolls, it was nice to eat and children and adults, they usually make different sizes and different shapes. And here, in honor all that the cook can imagine.
For example, the shape of the bun "Octopussy". It is this: from the main piece of dough, separate a small part. Depending on what size you want the bun, and the amount separated from the mass of dough. If small, then the piece should be small. If greater, on the contrary.
Then shape from a piece of the ball, a little pripuzov it and roll out with a rolling pin. Brush with oil, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon or poppy seeds to taste.
Then fold in half and cut into small flat strips, departing a couple of inches from the bend of the two halves of the test.
Now you can form the buns themselves. Again separate a little dough, roll it into a layer, sprinkle, than you want, and roll roll.
Cut into rings with a width of one to two inches. Place on a baking sheet. Give a little time for, and then bake. On the same principle you can make double or triple the petals buns, if not to cut the ring to the end.
If there is still dough, it is possible to make shangi. They also always leave the "cheers", and they are very fond of children. You will have a filling: cheese, jam, jam, in General, anything your heart desires.
Again create bun of the separated piece of dough. Put on greased sheet and make a well. It put the stuffing. If you spread the jam, you do not need to fill in the hole to the brim, as it will simply emerge during the process of roasting.
If not you have time or no desire to Tinker with the formation rolls out in the above ways, you can just make a ball and slightly flatten it on the baking sheet. Another option: roll out small sausages and make them rings. They subsequently in the oven will rise and will look very beautiful and appetizing. And this is the second most important factor after taste of the product.