You can earn not only a regular job, because you certainly have the skills and talents that you don't use. Perhaps some of them will help you have additional to main job earnings. If you know foreign languages, try to do tutoring. Students yourself, you will be able to find through a friend (the languages are now seeking to study a) and in the Internet through specialized sites, ads, blogs). The minimum price hour lesson with one person is from 500 rubles. Thus, if you give at least 5 lessons a week, you will be able weekly to increase your budget for 2500 rubles.
Those who loves and knows how to take pictures, you can pretty quickly earn holiday photos. Of course, provided that you have the necessary equipment for photography and preparation of high quality photos. The cost of a photo shoot (shooting of a person in a specific environment: in a Park, castle, abandoned object, etc.) will cost this man of 3000 rubles and more, and wedding photography now is from 10000 rubles per day. To find clients best through acquaintances. Well, if they know that you know how to take pictures, and can recommend.
If you love children and know how to take care of them, you can earn Babysitting. Surely you have friends or neighbors who need the babysitter. All you have to do is to sit at home with your child, play with him, feed him and maybe go for a walk. Per day paid in the area of 800-1000 rubles.
Similarly can earn and animal lovers. Not all people have the opportunity when going on a vacation or a business trip to keep a cat or dog with relatives or friends. To take the pet to the "pet hotel" also want not all. If you are able every day to walk the dog, feed her and play with her, that too will be your earnings (from 500 rubles per day).
People with a developed civil self-consciousness can quickly earn by becoming a secret purchaser." Many firms and public organizations appreciate the way the work of commercial enterprises, personnel. For each visit to a shop in which you'll need to talk to the seller and to buy something, you will pay from 500 roubles.
Lovers of crafts can try to sell the products of their labor. On the Internet a lot fair, soft toys, handmade Soaps, etc., you only need to produce products and to find a place of its sales. How much it will bring, will depend only on you and your product. But since the fashion for hand-made there, make you likely to succeed.