If you change jobs to a higher paying can't, any of us can take advantage of three things:

1. their skills (not necessarily professional, if your mother taught you to sew, it is also useful);

2. their connections;

3. Internet.

Add to this the enthusiasm and activity, and 1,000 rubles a day will soon be the minimum that you will receive. The maximum depends only on you.
Try to assess what you can do. Let's say you are a student or graduate of the faculty of Philology, and what you can do - it's teaching English, translation and writing of texts. You are just a student or graduate, you have three options earnings. First - the good: private English lessons needed every fifth pupil, and is worth the hour of work of a teacher in Moscow from 500 rubles. And 500 rubles is a minimum price as such, you can count the student. So to earn 1,000 rubles a day, you will need to hold 2 classes of English (2 hours) and, of course, to prepare for them (about an hour).
Look for students through acquaintances (this is the most convenient and proven), websites for Tutors in the communities in LiveJournal or just the Internet. Start first with one or two students, so you can understand how much you like teaching, where you prefer to teach at home or of the student (this can be coordinated). Then students will become more like money.
Can be taught any object - now in price, especially closer to spring, when students begin to prepare for the exam. For those who don't want to teach, there are many other ways such as, for example, services of hairdresser and makeup artist (if you have a relevant diploma or certificate), fix or even sewing clothes, creating websites, writing business plans and more. Decided what you are good at and that paid decently. The next step is telephoning relatives and friends, self-promotion through social networks, posting information about themselves in professional communities, forums, online Bulletin boards. For the person who will conduct such a campaign and will perform well, 1000 rubles per day will be only the beginning. While you may not leave your main job if you like it, because to provide services such as private lessons, haircuts, makeup, etc. can evenings and weekends by agreement with the client.
Consider the example with the services of a makeup artist. If you have a certificate or diploma make-up artist (no matter how old) or if you just know how to do good makeup, you can serve the brides of the visitors of the balls and parties etc. a diploma or certificate in this case is a big plus, because certified specialist results in more confidence. However, if documents proving a certain level of skill, you don't have, nevertheless the technique of blending makeup you own good, then it will be able to earn through friends, i.e. those who trust you without evidence. Of course, in this case your services will be cheaper, but at least 700 rubles for one visit to the customer you will get. With diploma your price will rise to 1,800-2,000 rubles, depending on experience.
Make-up artist is to find clients a "side" just to advertise themselves on social networks, on women's forums. It is advisable to prepare a portfolio - you put sister or a friend, take beautiful pictures. Order your business cards and hand out to their clients, they will give them to her friends. First have a little "podepisovat" as beginners a lot. However, 1000 rubles for makeup is just the start of its cost. More experience and grateful customers - more money.
For developers of websites and web designers is always a lot of orders on the labor markets of freelancers, such as and others. Zaregistriruytes, download portfolio, if you have it, and start looking for clients. These sites are usually a lot of both work and workers, so finding a client may not always be easy. Preference given to those clients who have a portfolio and experience. If you have neither one nor the other, would have to agree for rather low salary. However, a decent business website can cost from 30,000 rubles, so with the proper skills you can earn from 2000-3000 a day and more.
1000 rubles a day - the minimum earnings beginner freelancer. Translation is time - consuming, but you pay for it, unfortunately, is not always worthy. On average, the translation of the text pages from English into Russian can cost from 200 to 400 rubles. Some customers are offered less, but agree it's not worth it. Translation from other languages is valued higher. If you're not working, you will be able to translate 8-10 pages per day if you have a job, approximately 3-5 at high efficiency. Thus, your daily earnings can range from 600 to 4000 rubles per day. To find customers best in professional communities like the City of translators. The professional community is good because there you can get advice from colleagues and "test" customer in good faith.