Print notes of the song (along with a description and vocal line), or record an audio file to disk. In itself, this operation does not protect your copyright, but by keeping the composition only in a virtual form, you are not protect themselves.
Send a printed score or drive yourself through the mail. Can use virtual mail, but it is much more reliable than usual: when sending the envelope, put a stamp with the date. Thanks to him, you will be able to prove his authorship.After receiving the letter do not open it. This will only be the case that your song will be stolen and appropriated by a third party: you will submit the envelope in the courtroom, and the autopsy will show your innocence.Virtual mail is also dated, but, unfortunately, such evidence is too ephemeral and is not always able to help you.
Visit the notary. Of course, the certification score will cost you dearly, but later, the lawyer proves that the score was of your specific day. The plagiarist, if they try to assign a song, can't prove otherwise.Before you visit a lawyer, contact them and ask how many copies required. Some offices issue an act subject to the availability of two copies (disk, paper or other media).
More companies and agencies large enough. Some make out intellectual property for free, some for a fee. The most popular of such societies – Russian authors ' Society (RAO) of Its branches are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities. The Moscow branch is located near the metro station "Pushkinskaya". For registration of rights through him, make an appointment and bring a score or an audio recording of the song in two copies.