You will need
  • Movie Maker
  • video file
Open the video, which is going to cut the fragment into Movie Maker. To do this, click with the left mouse button on the inscription "Import video" which is on the left side of the program window. In the opened window, select the video file and click "Open".
Drag the video to the timeline. By default, Movie Maker splits the imported video into separate clips, but nothing serious. Select all your imported clips with Ctrl+A or command "Select all" of menu "edit". Click the "add to timeline" from the menu "video".
Combine the clips on the timeline, so as not to get lost in these fragments. To do this, click with the left mouse button on the first clip on the timeline. Scroll to the bottom of the scale and while holding the Shift key click the left mouse button on the last clip. Use the command "Merge" from the menu "video".
Locate the start of the fragment, which is going to be cut by moving the pointer along the time scale or by playing the button located under the player window on the right side of the program window. Set the pointer to the start of the piece and cut the video using command to Set the starting point of the installation" from the menu "video". A snippet of the video before this point will be automatically deleted.
Find the end of the video fragment. Install the pointer to this place and click "Set end point editing" from the same menu "Video". The video that follows this point is automatically deleted.
Save the cut piece. Click on the arrow to the right of the End of the film" on the left side of the program window. From the list that appears select "Save to computer". Enter the file name and select a location on your computer where you saved cut out a video fragment. Click "Next". Select the settings file to be saved. Click "Next". Wait for the save file.