If you are an adult citizen of the Russian Federation, for registration of the passport of the old sample, you will need six documents and three photographs. Write two copies of the application for a passport. There is a single specimen of this statement. Fill the application form by hand or on the computer. If you are a man and your age is between 18 to 27 years, bring military ID. It should be a mark that you have passed military service. A substitute ticket can serve as a certificate from the military Commissariat. If you are a military, will receive a permission command of the established sample. Also bring your passport copy and the passport with expired validity if you have one. Before you include the prepared documents to the appropriate authority, pay the state fee and attach the receipt to the rest of the documents. The state duty for the passport of the old sample is 1000 rubles for adults and 300 for children under 14 years. Set of documents required for issuing biometric passports is a little different from the old version. You will need to complete an application for issuance of passports with electronic media, in both instances. For passport will need two photos.
Pictures you made with her digital camera would not fit. Ask for help in the firm providing photo services. If you don't know where the nearest photo printing store, look for a firm that provides photo services, one of the major shopping centers such as "Gulliver", "rainbow", "Subway", "Omsk". The image size should be 37 x 47. If you were photographed for the passport for a long time, and since your appearance has significantly changed, the pictures may not be suitable. In this case you will have to do them again. Store photos carefully as image with scratches and bends are not accepted.
The issuance of passports of the old design performs "the Department of visas and registrations". In every district of the city of Omsk has its own OVIR. Go to the organization, which is in the area of your residence. You can also contact the Federal migration service of Russia in Omsk at the addresses: ul. Pushkina d. 138; St. Lermontov, d. 179a; Chkalova str., 25. To obtain a passport, you can only in person. Pick it up, you will be able after the presentation of an internal passport.