You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • programs that provide information about the equipment.
To find outwhat motherboard is on the computer, open the system unit and read its name. Take a Phillips-head screwdriver, carefully remove the bolts on the side of the unit and slide the cover. If your computer is under warranty, the better this option is not to use, because you remove the seal, without which the warranty repair will not produce. The motherboard is the largest part. It can be rectangular or square, and it fixed everything. It is located on the right side of the system unit.
Read the big letters in the middle of the map. This is the brand of the motherboard. Small text mean another, they will not need. This option is suitable even for those cases when the computer is not turned on (broken, missing essential parts, or no operating system installed). Some manufacturers instead of the name can put only your logo, so it is likely that you will have to use the Internet and look for the name boards at the relevant sites.
If your computer is enabled to know the brand of the motherboard is possible without opening the case. To do this, click "start" -> "Restart". When you turn on the computer the first string (sometimes very large letters) is the name of the motherboard. Unfortunately, not all boards support this feature. But this option will allow you to disassemble the system unit.
In order to find out the brand of any parts of the computer, use various utilities. They are free and paid. The most well known are AIDA 32, AusLogics System Information and PC Wizard. Their principle of operation is simple. Download, install and run the program. A window will open, in which you'll find a few items. Select "motherboard" - there will be the name you want. Of course, this option is suitable only in case if your computer is in working condition.