You will need
  • A computer connected to the Internet.
For a correct watching movies online you need to download an extra plugin for your browser (Adobe Flash Player) from Adobe official website. Click "Download" select "Save" or "Run" ("Run" and click OK). After that, restart your browser, ie, close it and restart.
Go to any video. To copy the link and send it to a friend or familiar person, you need to move the mouse focus on the field of the address bar. Under the mouse pointer will directly reference. To copy, right-click on its selection and select "Copy". Now in the clipboard of your computer is the correct link.
In addition, you can slightly modify the copied link — add timing (when playback starts). What it's used for? It is not possible to cut the desired fragment from a movie or a long video, used this method.
To the current link you must add the prefix #t=xmys, where x = minutes and y = seconds. The total time is 1 minute and 47 seconds. Let's say you want to display video from 68 seconds and it's 1 minute and 8 seconds. To link add #t=1m8s. Open a video, playback will start from the 1st minute and 8 seconds.
Copy this link and send it to your friends via icq-client, e-mail or other instant messengers. To paste from clipboard you must use the Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert.