You will need
  • -baits;-
  • -spinning;-
  • -fishing line;-
  • -coil.
The tactics of walleye fishing with the spinning rod in open water depends on natural conditions. The most successful places for walleye fishing are the shallows, where is always bleak, the exit from the pits.
The best fish such as walleye catch on the rotating and oscillating spinner. In the warm season, as bait you can use foam fish.
By spinning the perch to catch in the period of open water. Usually, Zander rises to the surface of the water three times a day in places where there is bleak. Therefore, knowing the habitat of perch and the approximate time of appearance bleak, you can effectively fish.
Also, with the spinning rod to catch walleye from shore. It is necessary to pay attention on steep banks with significant vegetation.
So the catch was successful, one must know the habits of the walleye. To hunt the fish in the current, along the shore. Pike slowly sneaks along the bottom at a distance of 15m from the water's edge. As bait you can use baubles, foam rubber fish, twisters.
Drifting along the river, you need to do casting spinning rod across the river to a distance of 20m, giving the ability to move the bait to the shore.
Then, you need to do the retrieve of the fishing line to view the catch. Casts the rod should be short, running at a certain angle. The retrieve of the fishing line, it is important to exercise constantly to prevent its weakening.
To catch walleye spinning is possible and in places bodies of water, where a lot of driftwood and various piles. Consider that to catch walleye in these areas, but also have the opportunity to lose in these places your favorite bait. Most importantly, you need to choose the right spinning with lures and bait wiring.
For Zander in places such spinning must be with a rigid tip length of up to 3M. Also, the spinning reel equipped with a spool of size 3000. As baits, you can use jig - heads, globular, because they are less stuck in the obstacles.
In waters with low flow and stagnant water, the lures must not exceed size 8cm, weight is 3.5 g. it is Also possible to use continuous wiring of the lure over the obstacle, because it's much easier when leaving the perch to the shelter, bring the bait in between the obstacles.