You will need
  • baby bath,
  • bucket for rinsing,
  • boiled water (37 o C),
  • baby soap,
  • flannel mitten,
  • two diapers,
  • tools for formal treatment of the navel and skin folds (oil or powder)
  • clothing after bathing.
Bathing the newborn immediately after discharge from the hospital, provided that this day had not been vaccinated. Bathing is better at the same time, preferably before the evening feeding. It promotes good sleep and gradually accustoms the baby to the regime. The temperature in bathroom shall be not less than 24C, the water temperature is 37 o C.
Put on the bottom of the bath folded several times a diaper, and then pour water. Measure the temperature again with a thermometer. If the baby skin rash or irritation, it can be added to the water dissolved in advance a weak solution of potassium permanganate or decoction of a succession.
Take the baby so that his head lay on one arm and the other support him under buttocks. Immerse in water gradually, from the legs. The head and upper third of the chest of the baby should be above the water. The baby is not frozen, all the time rinse it with water from the bath.
Head soap baby soap. Gently rinse it so it does not fall on the face and eyes. Next, wash the area behind ears, folds on the neck, under the arms and in the groin. Rinse all soapy areas with water. Wash the genitals (in girls from front to back). At the end of the bathing, rinse your pre-cooked with water (1 ° C lower than that for swimming) first the head and then whole body.
Wrap the baby in a diaper and a towel. Absorbent movements dry skin and proceed to the processing of the face, navel and skin folds.
Soak a cotton ball in warm boiled water and them wipe each eye from the outer corner to the nose. Another cotton ball wipe the face of a baby. Check the nasal passages. If necessary, clean them with a cotton flagella, soaked in water or oil. Treat all natural folds (powder or oil), and stomach (3% hydrogen peroxide, and then with a solution of brilliant green).
Bathe baby with soap once a week. On other days, bathing is quite normal boiled water. All water should be no more than 7 minutes.