The procedure for filing an objection to the appeal by the Russian legislation is not settled. The law is an indication only that the objection must be submitted in writing. Copies of objections are sent to the court and to persons participating in the case.
It should be noted that in the arbitration law provides a description of a "recall", which is on appeal. The same rules are proposed to make the objection on appeal. When writing objections must specify the name of the court in which it is directed, the person that receives the objection (surname, name, patronymic, address, telephone number) to specify all other participants in the process.
Next, one must study the very the appeal, to identify her strengths and weaknesses, as well as those facts you need to refute. For better carrying out this process you may need the assistance of a lawyer with special knowledge and skills.
When writing of the objection need to make reference to the appeal, explaining when it was written and what matter. Then state the objection to their arguments and interpretation of facts stated in the appeal. If possible, attach written or other evidence of specified facts, if any.
Then, you must sign the objection. It must be signed by a person participating in the case or by his representative. In case of signing of an objection by the representative it must be accompanied by a power of attorney confirming his authority.
The objection submitted to the court (court office) with copies in the number of persons who are parties to the action. In the arbitration process objections can be sent to the parties by mail, registered letter with notification. In subsequent notifications should be submitted to the court as proof of dispatch of these documents.