You will need
  • The boot disk with the operating system.
Install boot from CD-ROM in the BIOS. Insert the bootable disk that has the operating system in the drive. Save BIOS settings and restart the computer. After the reboot, a menu will appear "Install Windows XP", select the line that mentions system restore. Hit "R" on the keyboard. After you will see the following: "1:C:WINDOWS. Which Windows installation would you like to log?". Press the number "1" on the keyboard, then press "Enter".
Enter the password of the administrator account, if the account "Administrator" has no password, then press Enter. The system will prompt you to enter a command, type "fixboot" and press "Enter". After that, you will see a message like: "Want to write a new boot sector to the partition C:". Press "Y" which means "yes — Yes" to confirm the operation. After clicking a message appears about the successful overwriting of the boot sector.
On the monitor you will see "C:WINDOWS>". After the ">" sign to enter the keyboard command "fixmbr". After entering the command press Enter. Will appear on the screen warning that using the utility "fixmbr", it is possible to break the partition table. Can cancel the operation or confirm the boot sector "MBR". Confirm the entry by pressing "Y". After that a message appears that the master record is successful.
The monitor will prompt "C:WINDOWS>", then type "exit" and press "Enter".
During the reboot, press "Del" and enter BIOS setup. In settings choose to boot from the hard drive, save the settings and reboot. After the reboot will begin normal startup of the operating system. If that happened, it means you have restored the boot sector and write the disk. In case of recurrence of such problems consult your doctor and prepare for the prospect of buying a new hard drive. Remember that the restoration of boot records and sectors associated with the risk of losing all your data. But fully insured, unfortunately, impossible.