Before, when there was no refrigeration, the cheese still had to be stored. For this he was wrapped in clean white cloth dipped in cold water, and placed in a cool place. The temperature was not to exceed 15 degrees.
Fresh cheese stored in the refrigerator for two days at a temperature of about 8 degrees, in rare cases up to 72 hours. To increase this period can be up to four days if you store it in a slightly frozen form at a temperature from 0 to +1 degree. This should keep the cheese on the shelf directly below the freezer compartment.
Keep the cheese, wrapped with foil or parchment. Many recommend to keep it in an enamel container (bowl or pot) with a tight-fitting lid. Some suggest to put in an enamel bowl, a few pieces of sugar.
It must be remembered that the cheese was in the fridge more than a day, should be subjected to heat treatment. If the cheese is not too fresh, it is better to use it for cheesecakes, pies or dumplings.
By the way, the shelf life of products, containing in its composition the cheese, even in the freezer compartment (at a temperature of -5 degrees) should not exceed four days. These foods include dumplings, pancakes, casseroles, homemade and semi-finished products purchased in the store.
The longest-stored cheese that has been frozen immediately after manufacture. Freezing the cheese is carried out at a temperature of 35 degrees. Frozen cheese longer retains its taste and useful qualities, but before use it must first be thawed. Better suited for this slow defrost (10-12 hours on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator). Baking it can be thawed at room temperature for 3-5 hours. For thawed curd cooking treatment is not necessary, to use it in food immediately after defrosting.
To freeze the curd at home is not recommended, but allowed. For this it is necessary to set the temperature the freezer on the second or third division of the scale. At -18 degrees, the cheese will be stored for about two weeks.