Walk in the fresh air at least thirty minutes a day. Let your child during this walk as you should run, shouted, to let off steam. Walk around barefoot on the grass is a wonderful remedy for nervousness and emotional overstimulation. Get a dog that has always been a reason to take a walk before bedtime. Take it with you and your child. Let him lead a dog on a leash. Although some responsibility will contribute to more peaceful the child's behavior and ability to focus.
Write down excessive rolling of the child in sports section. Suitable section of track and field athletics, football, basketball, horse riding. Let's taking your energy in the sport. Then your house will come long-awaited peace and quiet. If the sports section for some reason not your option, play with him outdoor games in the yard or on the beach. Volleyball, rounders, hide and seek, catch. Engage in the game of other guys.
Purchase a subscription to the pool, walk with the child for a massage (or do it to each other themselves). This will promote relaxation, harmonization of the psychological state of your child. Can try a herbal bath.
Drink tea with mint or lemon balm. Also be effective extracts of motherwort and Valerian. Or during the week, give your baby before bed a glass of hot water, stirred it before that, three teaspoons of honey. Another sweet with this therapy it is better to limit. Hot drink with honey normalizes sleep your baby, soothe the nerves.
If the nervousness of the child connected with his spoiled, can apply the method of "social therapy". In other words, give the child to some team - children's choir, the sports section, kindergarten, invite me to his birthday the guys from the yard. Interactions with other children will help him to realize that he is not only child - there are other children to be friends with them, you need to respect them.