This tackle consists of several parts: the rod, the basic woods, the coil, ogruzka float, leash hooks and stoppers. Use a relatively short rod lengths from 3.6 to 4.1 meters. If you select the rod with less length you will not be able to make the necessary long-distance casting lightweight tackle. A good rod should have a strong flexibility at the top, and, at the same time, to be very stiff in the lower and middle parts.With such a rod you will throw a light snap, even in windy weather. For a uniform distribution of the load on the rod you must have from 10 to 16 high-quality rings. Typically, such rods consist of three tribes, and has a plug structure.
When coil selection note marked "Match". These reels feature a lightweight and an elongated bobbin with a convex drum. A large number of bearings (11) provides a good smooth running and reliability. But keep in mind that every casting rods will take the power of your arms. For non-fishing 5 bearings in the spool will be enough.
For recreational fishing, use fishing line with a thickness of from 0.14 to 0.18 mm. Wrap the coil around 60-80 meters of line. It is important that forests are not wound extends to the edge of the spool, about 1-2 mm. If the line will be less - you will not be able to throw far, and if more - there are endless beard. Use only high-quality woods.
For long casting use moving floats with one attachment point. Their advantage lies in the fact that their casting is more accurate, and further, the cutting will be more confident that the bite will be better visible on the rise. This float due to its length and increases resistance when casting, and the tail float you will be able to notice even from a distance of 60 meters. At the bottom of the float mounted metal keel, screwed into the tube with thread. Here you can add additional ogruzka. If necessary, you can change the float to more light or heavy, without removing from a fishing line ogruzka, due to the location of the hole in the keel under the forest. In other words, just Unscrew the float from the keel and screw the other.
Run the ogruzka using a few lead pellets. Okruzite line below the float for 2-4 cm For catching predatory fish use a leash. To do this, take a thicker line, metallic fishing line or monofilament having a high strength. Tie the leash directly to the main fishing line under the float and weight. And by the tie the leash hook. The stopper for moving the float represents the lower the shot-stopper, stopper knot and a sliding bead.