First of all, think about what sitting in the queue with aching pain under solasia sounds coming from the dentist's office, are long gone. Sounds, of course, remained, but now you can choose which Department to go? and time that is convenient for you to heal the tooth. Also, available different types of anesthesia that safely and gently protects from the pain.
Person scares not only the process of treatment, and fear. He appears in the consciousness and grows as you begin to imagine all that will happen in your mouth. Trust the healing process the doctor yourself and take your thoughts on recovery. Just imagine: only one visit to the doctor, and no sleepless nights from unbearable pain, no more nervous breakdowns on loved ones. Spread the disease, because it is now prevents you to enjoy life.
Think of the doctor not as a threat but as an assistant. It will save you from the torment. That's it, you'll appreciate sitting in the dental chair. Be considered: the longer you delay going to the dentist, the longer the panic and whining. After by yourself get rid of toothache impossible.
If these thoughts do not calm you down, try singing to myself a song or recite a poem. Take the head of anything abstract. Flip through the magazine or write something in a notebook. Can you describe in detail all the fear that you feel now, before the door of a dentist. Make fun of yourself: try to bequeath someone your own tooth or to write a story "About how I came back from the dentist. Believe me, as soon as you exit the doctor's office, this story make you laugh better than any joke.
You keep telling yourself as if you were comforting your best friend. You do not want to continue to climb the wall from the unbearable pain and walk with under eye circles after sleepless nights? And when dental problems will be solved, be sure to praise yourself for overcoming fear. Come up with a decent promotion and solemnly presented it to myself as an imaginary medal for courage.