You will need
  • - Computer with Windows.
The safe mode is done by pressing the key F. it all depends on the operating system version and model of your motherboard. The vast majority of cases, to enter the menu options boot the OS by pressing F8. But the frequent alternative may be F5 or another F-key. You can try using brute force, that is, if the selection menu of the operating system boot does not appear, then reboot and try pressing a different F-key.
Now more about the process. Turn on the computer. Immediately after its launch you need to click on F-key. Need the time to do it until appears Windows. When pressing the right key will open a window for selecting boot options of the operating system. Here you need to choose "Safe mode". Can also open the selection window of the operating system, even if you have one OS. In this window, press F8, and you will go to the selection window of the boot options.
Universal way to enter safe mode is suitable only if your operating system is booted in normal mode. Open the command prompt (located in the "Standard programs") and type Msconfig. Then go to tab "Downloads" and under "boot Options" select "Safe mode". Just below you can optionally check the box additional items load safe mode. Next, click "Apply" and close the window. Then restart the computer. After that it will boot in safe mode.
The boot process in this mode takes place a little longer than normal. You just have to wait. After login, the system will notify you that the computer was loaded in safe mode. Next boot the computer will have to happen in normal mode.