The laptop, unlike a conventional computer, limited in upgrade – replacement of components with more new and powerful. If on a PC you can replace all components, including the CPU and motherboard, then the laptop, you can only add or change the RAM and hard disk. But even the increase in RAM and hard disk can yield significant performance boost notebook.
The first thing you need to increase the RAM in the laptop to the highest possible value. Each laptop allows for expansion of memory up to a certain size, so you need to go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop, find your model and see what size of RAM for your laptop the maximum allowed. Now we need to see how much RAM is on your laptop. For this you need to turn off the laptop, flip it over and use the screwdriver to open one of the covers located at the bottom of the laptop. Under one of them are strips of RAM. They can be removed and learn of memory. Usually the volume is indicated on the sticker attached to the strap. The numbers will be listed in megabytes: 256, 512 or 1024. You can now calculate how much memory you need to purchase to achieve maximum value. Record the settings and type of memory, to avoid mistakes when buying. Installing the maximum amount of memory, you will immediately feel a change in the work laptop – it will perform the task faster.
Not stopping there, you can replace the hard drive in the laptop. Often manufacturers install in the laptops hard drives of speeds 5400 rpm and 8Mb buffer. You can improve performance by replacing the hard drive in the laptop for more speed 7200об/min 16Mb buffer. The steps to replace the hard drive will be the same as in the case of replacement RAM. After the new hard drive is installed, don't forget to install the operating system and migrate all the data from the old drive. For this you can use a special USB adapter, which is inserted into the hard drive and connects via USB port to the laptop.
Increasing RAM to the maximum volume, and replacing the hard drive for faster computer performance will increase noticeably.