You will need
  • Internet
To send a free SMS message the standard method is sufficient to visit the official website beeline and remember the required fields. It is implemented by the company in order for users to be able at any moment to send a message from your computer if the phone negative balance or not to use the features of the mobile device. Free shipment is on the bottom of the main page of the portal Beeline and called to Send SMS/MMS.
For more easy sending you can use a special apps that allow you to send SMS via Internet services. For example, the program It allows you to send a message not only to the user of beeline, but the subscriber of any other mobile network. The program allows you to send SMS with the indication of the sender or anonymous, support group sending, able to create contact lists. To use the program you need to register.
To send SMS from your phone using the Internet (the price for shipping also will not be charged) there are also special programs. For example, the Agent application from also allows you to send free SMS, and is available on all popular mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, Android).For the Symbian platform SMSNet there is a program that sends messages in the same way through the sites of mobile operators. The application supports proxies, various plugins, manual selection of operators.For Windows Mobile you can use the program "CMCka" that uses a Protocol Agent from The advantage of this application is that it is able to send messages at a specified time and keeps a history of transmitted SMS.