You will need
  • Internet access, Sam Drivers.
The first thing you need to do is use the drivers built into the operating system. Click "start" and go to properties on "My computer". Open the device Manager. Examine the list of all installed equipment and find where the soundowou map. Because it does not have a suitable driver installed, it will be clearly marked.
Click with the right mouse button on the name of the sound adapter. Select "Update drivers". In the next window, click on the option "search Automatically for updated driver software". If the driver is found, click "Install", if not further.
The second option is to determine the driver – independent search thereof. Find out the model of your sound card. Usually it is written on the Board itself. Enter in a search engine on this model and add the words "driver download". Explore the options and download the necessary driver package. Be careful – do not download questionable files.
Sometimes a manual search does not bring any fruit. In such situations it is customary to use a special program. They represent huge database of drivers. An example of such a utility can serve as Sam Drivers.
Download this program and run it. It is better to use the file Runthis.exe. In the window that appears, go to "Installing drivers". The program will automatically scan the device to the computer and analyzes the installed drivers.
Select the driver packages that you would like to install, for example, Sound Others. Click "install". Restart the computer after installing the drivers. Be careful using such programs. The situation may arise where the installation of an untested driver will lead to equipment failure.