You will need
  • Wheat, rye, corn, pea flour, oats, semolina cereals, bran, cake, cake, and various additives.
General rules for the preparation of dough: pour 200 grams of flour in a container, add gradually half Cup of water and kneaded the dough to the right consistency, so it is not sticking to hands. On the basis of General rules, there are a few recipes of dough for fishing, which are listed below.
The bait of the bran.

For the dough you will need: 4 parts bran, 2 parts flour, water. In boiling water, stirring, poured in the flour, then add the bran and stir until tender.
The bait of the cereal.

Must be boiled in water oat flakes "Hercules" and add into the mix the pea flour.
Honey bait.

Knead the flour into a little warm water, add a little bran, crude protein and honey.
The lure of cake.

Fresh cake must seethe in the water over medium heat, add the flour until a thick dough.
The lure of cornmeal.

Cornmeal, pour in the boiling water. You must constantly stir until a viscous, difficult to stir the masses. Then cover the pot, wrap with newspaper and wrap in a blanket. After cooling the pan, get the weight and stretch of corn batter with the crumb of white bread.
The lure of rye or wheat flour with honey.

Rye or wheat flour densely knead on the water, add the vegetable oil and honey. From the finished dough should roll into balls the size of 1 centimeter and brew them in boiling water. This nozzle works well when fishing for big carp.
The lure of cake.

To steam in a small saucepan cake, then add the oatmeal, knead until the consistency of loose dough, adding powdered cake, "Hercules", wheat flour and a little semolina.
The bait is prepared on the basis of egg yolks.

Knead the dough with egg yolk (no water), add sifted powder cake and knead nekrutoe dough. Then wrap it in a plastic bag, tie. Throw the package with the dough into the pot of boiling water, boil for five minutes. After the dough is cooked, it is necessary to knead it and form balls.