To open your own onlineradio, sign up for a special service where you will need to pay only maintenance cost. You will be provided a full service for radiobroadcasting, as well as the website with the domain name of the third level, i.e., a subdomain off your domain name second level.
You do not need to invest a large sum of money, look for a spacious office, expensive equipment, and so on. In other words, you can open the radio, spending the minimum of resources.
Select the theme of your radio. It can be anything. For example, in America, popular radio for Pets. We can assume that it is primarily for sensitive owners, who are madly in love in their Pets. However, this radio is booming.
Follow the popularity of the already existing radiostations. Please note the subject of competitors, not to get "radio-twin. Bet on fresh, relevant topics. You can create a radio, for example, on the theme of the movie, presenting an overview of new films, TV series, TV shows. Thus, you will gradually build an audience of fans at the same time listen to music on the radio and fans of world cinema. Might you provide your students with information about interesting events in the world, the ceremony of the awards, as well as the outfits of movie stars. If you manage all this properly combined, the number of interested listeners will continue to increase.
Invite your visitors to take part in contests, online promotions, chat rooms. Prepare a sound file. Live chat is much better. Talk about yourself, your Hobbies, interesting facts in General about what might be interesting. Invite your listeners to ask relevant questions. To participate in creating the shows that you are interested in them. And be sure to alternate monologue with pleasant music.