You will need
  • SHOUTcast Plug-It, SHOUTcast Server, Winanp, Компьютер
Go to the site This is the website of the company Nullsoft, which is known for its application to music - Winamp. Go to Download section and deflate two files - SHOUTcast Server and SHOUTcast Plug-It.
Use the first file server as the immediate future of the radio station, whose base can be your own website or the website developers. With his master's shoulder, the company has allocated for everyone, the server space for the location of their stations.
Use the second file for merging your Winamp'a and server. With other programs due to the intermediary will not, but not worth anything else to use. This program is already "sharpened" to work with Internet radio and you can directly through it to stop the music and do live broadcasts.
Visit the help section on the website to find out how to configure the server. If you are not very handy with English, you can copy the text and paste it into a text translator like Google Translate.
Pick up music. It is important to understand that if the radio is not created just for you and your friends, and as a future possible way of making a profit, you need to go on about the listener. Choose a target audience and adjust the music stream to fit it. It is not necessary to clone an ordinary radio. If the person went to look for Internet radio stations informally, it means that conventional music does not suit him, otherwise he would not have gone on the path of search.
Listen to most popular competitors, see what they are written about the listeners than they are happy, what need to change. After collecting a basic level of information, you can begin to build the track listing.
Ensure that the radio was "alive". Do not be limited to just scrolling music. Lead ethers, think of what interesting you can tell your listeners. If you are erudite man, comment the latest news of the country or show business. If you "get along" with social networks inform about all new and interesting things that you can find online. Organize dialogue with the audience, and your radio is doomed to success.