You will need
  • Website nullsoft and three of the program, fast Internet and a lot of good music
Connect good the Internet. The only thing that really need your radio that costs money is a constant and fast connection. For a good broadcast, you will need a speed of 2 megabits and more. Deuces will be enough to avoid jamming, podzagruzok and other unpleasant things.
Install 5 megarity the Internet, if possible. Despite the fact that you two would be enough, if you start something to swing or actively look for anything on the network, your listeners about it immediately find out for interference and lag. Five or more megabytes will allow you to live a full life of the Internet user, without prejudice to your online cable radio.
Go to the website of the company Nullsoft. To make radio, you will need only three free programs from this site: Winamp, Soundcast server and SHOUTcast DNAS Plug-in. Winamp is a music player. Soundcast server directly to your radio, which is loaded to the website Nullsoft. The sound plugin is the binding part of your radio station. It will make your computer (or rather Winamp) Olin radio.
Pick the music you want to play. Specify the server installation on the website the style and format of music. Other users will be able to find your radio in the list and connect to it.
Further all depends on you. Perform the role of a DJ at your company. Distribute the link among friends and look together with your favorite music. Or arrange a small advertising campaign on social networks and on popular music sites and try to make radio a new source of income.