It is known that March is the first month of spring. If the child was born in the spring, then in life he will be flexible in different situations and to achieve success it will be more difficult. The month of March says that people born in this month are very impressionable and sensitive. And they are very talented and if unchecked, they will Express their emotions through art. Since March, babies are born with a gentle nature and very susceptible to emphasize the courage of the boy should be called, as some say, "hard" and very sonorous name. The girl need to be called, on the contrary, softer, but at the same time bright name. Many believe that it would be better if the name will be a letter P or N.
Names for boys born in March: Daniel, Constantine, Mr, Makar, Michael, Eugene, Victor, Roman, Sava, Slava, Dennis, David, Anton, Stepan, Trofim, Peter, Yegor, Yuri, mark, Gerasim, Vyacheslav, Vasily, max, Benedict, Paul.
Names for girlsborn in March, Kira, Marina, Daria, the girl, Sofia, Galina, Anastasia, Maria, Svetlana, Lydia, Nika, Julia, Juliana, Anna, Eva, Tamara, Irene, Catherine, Christine.
If these names you don't like, and the child will be born in March, read a feature name that you really like. And then think long and hard about whether to call the child your favorite name. If you are a believer, the name of the child you can pick up at Christmas, what day the child was born, in honor of the Holy and name.
In addition to the above, it is necessary to remember about the middle name of the child. The name and the patronymic must be in tune, for example, Regina D. or Benedict Denisovich very rough sound, there is euphony.
Attention expectant parents! If you want to call a baby an extraordinary name, so it always stood out, remember that the name will be the child constantly, and in the future over it can a laugh. Before you call child Space, Russia, Police, Susan, Casper Beloved, and so forth, think about whether glad the child when she grows up.