It is a mistake to assume that to define the profession it is difficult to students. Sometimes people work for years in a particular profession, and then lose interest in it, but I can't immediately determine the other. Probably the first and main rule in these cases is that you must not hurry. The choice of profession depends on so many factors, in addition, it defines a person's life at least for several years, and often for several decades.
High school students, and often young professionals often feel the pressure of stereotypes about the prestige of the profession. As a result, the recommendations of their parents or acquaintances, they enter University on a specialty that they are not interesting, though prestigious, and then begin to use it, but don't experience to this work, no positive feelings. Not to go on about the stereotypes, do not forget about their interests and desires. To determine which sphere is most interesting to you, you should undergo the test protransilvania or receiving advice.
Test protransilvania aims to identify the main advantages of his passes, his personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The results of such a test, the person is asked several areas in which work he is best suited. For example, if the test reveals to man the thoroughness, perseverance, diligence and structural thinking, your direction will be accounting, Finance. There are many different tests protransilvania - from simple, containing 20-30 questions to multistage (200,300 and more questions are totally different subjects).
Vocational (career) counselling helps to determined with the profession, not with the scope of work. A professional consultant can tell the client about a particular profession, its strengths and weaknesses, development prospects. The best would be to visit a professional consultant after the test to protransilvania: knowing the test results, the consultant will be to understand your customer, he not only "introduce" it to the appropriate professions, but also tell you what difficulties can meet it with a specific client in case of choosing a particular profession.
If your school tests protransilvania not carried out, or if you're already a student, you can contact one of the personnel of urban centers. As a rule, recruitment centers conduct such testing, some working and professional consultants. You can also contact the Center for testing and development "Humanitarian technologies", Moscow state University - he specializes in this.