Let's consider the option of removing an operating system from another computer. This is a fairly simple method because it does not require any software. Turn off the computer and remove the hard drive. Connect it to another PC.
Go to the second PC and run the installed on it operating system. Windows will automatically detect your hard disk. Open a window containing a list of partitions on your hard drives connected to this computer.
Open the partition where your OS is installed, to be deleted. Select the folder Windows and click Del. Wait for the removal operation.
Now consider the situation when there is no possibility to connect a hard drive to another computer, but your PC has a different OS.
Turn on the computer and run the second OS. Open the partition containing the unwanted operating system and repeat the steps described in the third step.
If both the above methods are unsuitable, you will need the installation disk one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista or Seven.
Insert the above disk in the DVD drive and run the setup program. Most likely, it will need to tap F8 at start of boot PC and boot from DVD drive.
Continue through the setup until a while before you can see the menu of selection of the local disk.
If we are talking about Windows XP, select the partition containing the unwanted operating system and click the F button for its formatting.
If you are dealing with your Windows Vista or Seven, then click the "drive options", select the partition and click "Format."
An obvious disadvantage of the third method of demolition of the operating system that in addition to the operating system, disk partition is deleted all the information.