You will need
    • potatoes eggs
    • flour
    • vegetable oil
    • salt
    • seasoning
    • bow
    • pan.
Potato patties can be prepared in different ways. The first and most popular option of boiled potatoes. In Belarus, where potatoes are called second bread and dishes of him are countless, wipe boiled potatoes (6-10), grated, mixed with 2 eggs, forming burgers or meatballs, roll in flour or breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown.
To cook cutlets "Moscow" we need boiled potatoes mash with butter like mashed potatoes, add eggs, finely chopped onion, about 1.5-2 tablespoons of flour, roll in breadcrumbs, fry.
You can make cutlets out of the potatoes raw. It turns out a cross between meatballs and pancakes. You need to RUB on a large grater 4-5 average sized potatoes, add 1-2 eggs, salt, add a couple of tablespoons of flour, fry both sides, then transfer to a Dutch oven or a pan, add vegetable oil, water and simmer. Gives a very delicate flavor, the meatballs themselves "fluffy" and voluminous. Besides, if you put out, the food is more diet.
You can make a combined version of the cutlets. Mix the mashed potatoes with two grated on a coarse grater potatoes, egg and onions. Fry in a pan.
Serve potato patties often with sour cream. You can simply add to sour cream, but you can make the sauce. To do this, fry in butter 30 grams of flour, dilute 1-1. 5 cups of broth or water, add half a Cup of sour cream, boil for 10 minutes.
If you started a creamy mushroom sauce, boil mushrooms in salted water, then fry 2 tablespoons of flour until brown. After that, fry chopped mushrooms with onions, add a Cup of mushroom soup Cup sour cream and cook for 20-30 minutes. This sauce is served in a separate bowl.
And sometimes even an eggplant sauce! Saute in oil 2 eggplant, cut into slices, RUB through a sieve, add the chopped cooked onion, broth and a little sour cream. The sauce should be warmed, but to a boil not to bring.