You want to buy a car loan but do not want to take? Borrow – this is not for you? There is only one way – the machine will accumulate. If you have the extra money, fine. Find yourself another job, and all (only that is all, don't be fooled), the extra earnings put away for the car. Do not allow yourself to spend a penny savings. To find extra work is not as difficult as it might initially seem. Now there are many ways to work remotely, from home or even in another city.
If the opportunity to do additional work not, you will have to look for "loopholes". For example, can get your own Bank card, which each month will set aside a certain amount of money. Determine for yourself this amount every month, say, on the fifth day, the Deposit "savings" card. The main thing – to adhere to a schedule. Do not feed yourself with a promise of "this month will put on three thousand less, but in the next cut it." Chances are that will not cover. Again set yourself a certain amount, and it is necessary to make.
You can divide your income into several parts. For example, in advance, a salary and a bonus. And one of these parts (you decide what) must wait for the car. Do not allow yourself to take out any other purpose, and you will slowly but surely begin to move in their own car.
As corny as it may sound, take a pencil and write down on a piece of all articles of consumption. Let's see, maybe something can be safely abandoned in favor of future machines. Can, buy third pairs of boots per season was too much? Honestly evaluate your spending, compare with real needs. Go to the store only with a list and do not allow yourself to buy anything that goes beyond this list. If you need to buy milk and bread, strictly buy milk and bread. Candy, juice, sauce, lay the rolls from the basket. If you strictly follow the rule shopping list, very soon you will see that "piggy Bank" with funds for a car grows, so your goal is close.