You will need
  • pots
  • soil mixture
  • - concrete block,
  • - charcoal
  • shears for trimming branches,
  • - a wand-bearing,
  • - plastic film.
Young Chinese roses, grown from cuttings each spring should be transplanted into a pot slightly larger than the previous one. You need to cook nutritious soil mixture for transplanting hibiscus, taking three pieces of hardwood land four pieces of turf and one part humus earth and sand. You can add pieces of charcoal.
When transplanting young plants is recommended to cut branches for a third of the length - it promotes growth of new shoots. Very quickly at the ends of the fresh, emerging after transplantation of shoots will arise hibiscus flower buds. Moreover, pruning facilitates the formation of a Bush a beautiful shape due to the formation of a greater number of flowering side shoots. The cuttings left after pruning, it is possible to root – you will get new bushes Chinese rose.
In the spring or summer to replant in larger pots it is recommended that adults hibiscus. They need the same soil mix as the young Chinese roses, but at the bottom of the pot additionally, you can pour concrete block is able to protect long roots from too much moisture.
Adult plants need to prune all the shoots and stretched out over the winter branch.
Adult Chinese rose, in contrast to the "youth", can be transplanted annually. However, each year should change the top layer of soil on fresh.
Special care should be taken to transplant a large and thick Bush Chinese rose. Before the migration of the flower should be watered abundantly. Remove the plant should be with the old soil ball. It is necessary to fill with fresh soil and push the pot to the top and then tamp the new soil. It is recommended to put a stick-a support to a large Bush was not over and continued to grow right. Then you need watering the plant and cover the roots with plastic wrap for a few days.