Advice 1: How to change the heater radiator VAZ 2109

In bad warming of the salon or when leakage of the coolant from the interior heater to replace the radiatorand the stove because it leaks.
How to change the heater radiator VAZ 2109
Fully open the valve of the heater and drain the coolant from the system. Then remove the instrument panel, to do this, first disconnect the wire from the negative battery terminal. Turn the wheels so they stand up straight. Then disconnect the actuator cable from the transmission and pull the choke.
Remove the control knob heater fan switch and disconnect the pad. Then unplug all the pads with wires, namely: pad fog lamps, alarm, exterior lighting, heated rear window, lights the cigarette lighter.
Unscrew the screws, which is attached to the heater control panel and the visor over the instruments. Carefully remove the instrument from the panel, after disconnecting the speedometer cable, hose fitting and connector with wires. Remove the handle hydrocortone light, pulling it out, and Unscrew the nut that holds the socket for headlight range control. Then removing the steering wheel and switches.
Remove the ignition lock together with the pipe of the steering column, remove the handle from the linkage (choke), and then disconnect the screws that secure the rail to thrust the dashboard. Remove the screws with which the instrument panel is fixed on the left side. Do the same with the right edge. Don't forget the mount in the glove box. Then carefully pull the panel and pull it out.
Look on the right side of the heater the screw that secure the thrust collar of the valve, responsible for the heated glass. Remove it. Remove the heater radiator of the heater, for this purpose Unscrew the three retaining bolts. After removing the radiator, loosen the hose clamps that secure the hoses and remove them from the pipes. Brush the radiator from dust and dirt, and if a serious problem replace it.
Loosen the clamps and remove hoses from branch pipes of a radiator of an oven. If the heater radiator is very dirty, clean the radiator stoves of the hair brush. air filter replacement VAZ VAZ 2108 muffler fine filter fuel repair of pump VAZ 21099 replacement resonator 2109.
Useful advice
Stove car has a large number of parts, to determine whether replacement of the heater radiator for VAZ 2109 or other part of the stove, is aware of the malfunction of the stove. Also often replacement of the heater radiator, Troubleshooting this node is not only a question of comfort of the driver and passengers. In the cold season the lack of heating in the cabin leads to the fact that the glass in the car would fog up, and thus, visibility can deteriorate.

Advice 2 : How to change a radiator for VAZ 2109

Car or in the garage replacing the radiator VAZ-2109 carried out with the removal of the engine from the vehicle. But in circumstances when no suitable lift, I have to use another method, more convenient from the point of view of the owner, prefer to repair the car.
How to change a radiator for VAZ 2109
You will need
  • - coolant
  • - a tank for collecting coolant;
  • - new radiator;
  • - wrench M8 and M10;
  • - screwdriver.
Disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminals. Make sure the engine has completely cooled down. Remove the protection Carter. The heater valve and the surge tank cap fully open. Unscrewing the drain plug, drain out the cooling liquid in the prepared capacity (not less than 5 years). Put a separate container under the drain hole of the radiator, Unscrew the plug and drain the fluid from the radiator.
Disconnect the fan wires and two sensor wires at the blower motor. From the radiator, disconnect the inlet, outlet and steam venting hoses. To do so, first loosen the tightening of their collars. Unscrew both mounting nuts on the top of the fan cowl and remove mounting bracket of the radiator.
Radiator together with the fan casing pull up from the engine compartment of the vehicle, slightly tilting it toward the engine. The fan housing is attached to the radiator by three bolts and nut. Unscrew them and disconnect the fan shroud and radiator cooling. With the bottom mount radiator remove the two cushions and assess their condition. Torn and lost their elasticity, replace new cushion.
Before installing a new radiator on the car, place it on the fan casing and pillow on the lower mount. Gently lowering the radiator in the engine compartment, insert the cushions into the holes of the bracket and secure them with pins. After that, connect all disconnected hoses and wires. When connecting wires of the sensor of the fan in its housing, first insert the protective rubber ring, and then the wire lugs.
Don't forget to check all hose connections for leaks, pour the coolant and connect the wire to the battery terminal. Before filling the coolant, make sure all drain holes are closed. To check removed the radiator for leaks, immerse it in a water-filled tub. If less than 1 minute from the radiator will start to get air bubbles, then he has through damage and can be repaired or replaced.
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