You will need
  • Java machine,
  • - MySQL server
  • - Navicat,
  • package Lineage 2 server.
To install Lineage 2 serverand to start the system, you should install Java and MySQL, because most assemblies use this bundle. Java has great tools to work with the network, while MySQL is one of the most convenient DBMS.
To install Java you just need to install the appropriate library, which is equipped with installer. You can download it from the official site of Sun.MySQL is equipped with the easy installer, just choose the directory host database. Greater interest is the configuration utility that runs after installation. You should choose Standard Configuration, install as a Windows Service. Then you must specify the password for the root user. Next, you need to specify the password to connect to the database, which you better remember because you will need it to install the server.
The next step is to install Navicat (tool to work with MySQL). For his work requires a license, the installation is performed by a standard installer.After the installation you will need to run this icon "Navicat for MySQL". To create a new connection, you must enter the corresponding menu item (File – New connection). In the field Connection Name fits the name of the serverand host you can leave localhost. As login using root and the password is the same that was specified during the MySQL installation.Then, in this connection, you need to right-click and choose "New Database". This will create a new database. It is advisable to name it the same name as the server.
Next you need to unzip the downloaded ready server Lineage to a specific folder, where it will be located (for example, the Server folder in the root of the C: drive). Then configure the files and scripts of the program (for precise editing, you should read the readme file).In files, usually executable files by running that (once setup), the server becomes available for play.