You will need
  • - GuildFTPd.
There are many programs that enable you to create your own ftpserver on your computer. GuildFTPd is one of them. Download it and install. The installation is quite simple and does not take a lot of time and knowledge. Major efforts will be needed during the setup. To enter settings panel in the upper part log in to GuildFTPd optons where you will see several tabs-categories. In the General category are the basic settings for the number of connections, port numbers, etc. make necessary adjustments and move on to the next category.
Go to the tab Server, enter the name of the future ftpserver,and also don't forget to decrease the Log Level slider by moving the slider to the left, otherwise the volume occupied by the serverom, will increase rapidly. You must then select a method to create the server. System GuildFTPd is that the user of the future the serverand should be assigned to certain groups on the basis of which will create a single view of the serverand from the two available- the server is based on personal accounts;- the server based on the input in the right directory.
The first type of serverand will fit in the case if you organize a file server for friends, and for each user you can create your file system. To do this, create a group, name it, and make sharing for the root directory. (Click on the Add button and navigate to the Edit Path). Then create a database user, passing through this way the Admin Add User, where you need to enter the usernames and passwords of the future users of the server.
After creating this database, organize a virtual file system for each user, if necessary. For this we pass along the way Add - Edit Path and specify files and folders that will be available for a specific login. The second way to create a file serverand a lot easier. To do this, create only one user in the field whose name, enter anonymous. Also don't forget to remove the checkbox with the value list. After this, add the necessary file directories.