You will need
    • hare - 600-800 g;
    • vinegar or lemon juice;
    • onions - 1-2 PCs;
    • flour - 2 tbsp;
    • parsley;
    • sour cream - 0,5 article;
    • milk - 0,5 St;
    • red pepper;
    • salt;
    • water.
Before cooking you need to soak the meat of a hare in a special marinade. Its preparation will not take you a lot of time and effort. To do this, dissolve a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice in two or three litres of warm water. Try to keep the water tasted slightly sour, but not sour and a little sunflower. Then put in it the hare. Let the water cool down. After it cools, put the pan in the refrigerator for three to four hours. Thanks vinegar the meat will become softer, it will be faster to cook and it will be better to chew and will disappear odor, inherent to the wild hareM.
Once you got the meat from the refrigerator, let it slightly dry off, drain the marinade and cut it into four pieces. For a stronger mixture, then roll each piece in flour, sprinkle with salt and fry on slow fire to full readiness.
At this time in a separate pan fry onions till light Golden brown. Fried meat put in a pan, add fried onions, add water with milk and bring to a simmer. Milk with water to pour at least one Cup. Simmer meat till it be very soft. To assess the readiness of dishes, just slightly poke it with a knife or fork. You'd have protesilas it or not.
Then pour the meat with sour cream, add a few tablespoons of flour, part of the parsley and pepper and simmer for another two to three minutes on low heat. If you like spicy food, then add a little red or black pepper. It does not ruin your dish and give it an exquisite flavor and unique taste. Cooked meat leave on for ten to fifteen minutes in the pot, so it's still a bit soaked.
For a great side dish suitable rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and all that it has to be with fresh greens.