To become a knowledgeable person exclusively for show impossible. In order to become a scholar, you must have a sincere interest in different issues. To expand their horizons scholars primarily refer to the world of books. The books are the storehouse of wisdom of all mankind. However, needless to say that the books are the books alike, and tabloid trash novels or cheap detectives will not give you much food for thought. If you really aspire to improve their knowledge, then you need to turn to more serious literature. Read Russian and foreign classics, scientific studies and monographs, autobiographies of interesting people.
A very important point is the fact exactly how you're going to read books. Boosting your knowledge will not depend on the number of read volumes, and the quality of your reading. Read more carefully, reconsider what the author. If you are interested in any quote, do not be lazy to write it for the future. Over time you'll develop your horizons, there are new topics for conversations and expand your vocabulary.
Another contemporary way to improve learning is the movie. Of course, not every product much can increase your intelligence. In our day, removed a number of high-quality documentaries about nature, physical phenomena, historical events, interesting personalities and stuff. Regular viewing of such programs will have a positive impact on your Outlook. From the field of cinema art can refer to art hapnim works. Good art-house movie filled with worthwhile quotes, and philosophical implications will encourage you to think about.
Your scholarship also depends on the people with whom you communicate. Circle imposes a huge imprint on our interests, way of thinking and even vocabulary. Try to surround yourself with smart people with whom you can talk on various topics. Reach out to knowledgeable people, and gradually your own level will begin to rise.