Note one of the main advantages of working Intel, which is a high speed when working in active programs. This means that when you open multiple Windows (programs) but you work in one of them, the performance processor brand Intel increases dramatically. Another notable feature, which emphasizes all who are interested in the technology of making processors is low power consumption. This advantage Intel has long been known to all those who work in heavily loaded applications and trying to reduce the temperature of the processor.
If you are a gamer, note that the Intel in a greater degree ground under the majority of games and various applications. This fact is also reflected in the improved performance of these processors in games. The advantages of Intel it is impossible not to attribute a great compatibility with the computer's memory, they established the relationship and the stability of the entire system.
Remember, however, that of the positive qualities of the Intel derived is negative. One of these qualities is the inability to work effectively across several applications that are characterized by consumption of large power. If two running programs of this type are still able to work fast enough at the same time, the simultaneous use of more than two programs leads to a marked deterioration in performance.
If you are not satisfied with the ratio of the pros and cons of Intel processors, then look at the AMD processors. First and foremost, AMD differ from their counterparts in the line of Intel relatively low cost. Actually, this has allowed AMD to oust such a giant as Intel, in the market of production of processors. One of the obvious advantages of AMD is multi-tasking to effectively operate in several powerful programs.
Next, you should observe such a technical feature AMD processors, as multiplatform. This term means that AMD processors are manufactured so that they can be replaced without changing the socket of the motherboard. All of the processors of company AMD up 10 – 20% if necessary.
At all pleasant advantages of the AMD processors do not miss such obvious shortcomings, such as high power consumption or a very efficient interaction with the computer's memory. AMD because of its constant race for popular Intel had to suffer the inconvenience of less compatibility with software wrappers to a large number of programs.