You will need
  • - remnants of old candles;
  • knife;
  • pan;
  • - metal mug;
  • - wooden stick;
  • - plate.
Cut each piece of candle into 2-3 pieces and remove the wicks. Crush the remnants of the paraffin with a knife and put them in a metal Cup.
Fill the pan with water so that the liquid level was not more than the height of the cups with paraffin. Place the container with the crushed remains of the candle into the dish of water. Put the saucepan on the stove and heat the water on low heat until then, until the paraffin in the circle does not become liquid.
To give the product a festive appearance in the Cup, add the right amount of sparkling sequins, beads, colored thread, or dried flowers. Then mix these elements with a wooden stick with a liquid Foundation.
For giving future the candle of another color crush color wax crayon or make a mixture of a small amount of oil paint and gasoline at the rate of 1 g of dye per 100 g of the melted remnants of candles. Pour the prepared paint into the melted paraffin.
To the color of the product was solid, mix thoroughly pour the dye with the paraffin. If you want to get the candle, decorated with colored stains, do not mix components in the Cup.
To when burning candles, the room filled with a pleasant smell, add the liquid paraffin, a few drops of the aromatic oil of lavender, vanilla or orange, or add a pinch of dry spirits. In any case, for flavoring products do not use rose oil because it in combustion gives a bad smell and soot.
For melting candles do not use glass containers, since such material is easily cracked. Avoid getting water in the molten basis for candles, because in this case, the shape of the final product will be a heterogeneous. Do not attempt to use for melting wax microwave as it can cause a fire.