Advice 1: How to melt candle

To create a festive mood, you can decorate the room beautifully decorated with candles. But this does not necessarily leave a considerable sum of money in the gift shop. To make an unusual decoration can be using as a basis the remnants of burnt out candles and beautiful molds. To the wax took the desired shape, it must first melt. To properly melt the basis for future craft projects using a few simple steps.
How to melt candle
You will need
  • - remnants of old candles;
  • knife;
  • pan;
  • - metal mug;
  • - wooden stick;
  • - plate.
Cut each piece of candle into 2-3 pieces and remove the wicks. Crush the remnants of the paraffin with a knife and put them in a metal Cup.
Fill the pan with water so that the liquid level was not more than the height of the cups with paraffin. Place the container with the crushed remains of the candle into the dish of water. Put the saucepan on the stove and heat the water on low heat until then, until the paraffin in the circle does not become liquid.
To give the product a festive appearance in the Cup, add the right amount of sparkling sequins, beads, colored thread, or dried flowers. Then mix these elements with a wooden stick with a liquid Foundation.
For giving future the candle of another color crush color wax crayon or make a mixture of a small amount of oil paint and gasoline at the rate of 1 g of dye per 100 g of the melted remnants of candles. Pour the prepared paint into the melted paraffin.
To the color of the product was solid, mix thoroughly pour the dye with the paraffin. If you want to get the candle, decorated with colored stains, do not mix components in the Cup.
To when burning candles, the room filled with a pleasant smell, add the liquid paraffin, a few drops of the aromatic oil of lavender, vanilla or orange, or add a pinch of dry spirits. In any case, for flavoring products do not use rose oil because it in combustion gives a bad smell and soot.
For melting candles do not use glass containers, since such material is easily cracked. Avoid getting water in the molten basis for candles, because in this case, the shape of the final product will be a heterogeneous. Do not attempt to use for melting wax microwave as it can cause a fire.

Advice 2 : How to melt paraffin

Paraffin therapy – a procedure quite common, and it can be performed not only in physiotherapy or in beauty salons, but also at home. According to the prescription of a specialist makes a variety of an application to certain areas of the body, as well as beauty baths for hands and feet. For effective and safe manipulation it is important to melt the paraffin and to act according to instructions received from a doctor or cosmetologist.
How to melt paraffin
You will need
  • - Consultation with physician or a beautician;
  • - paraffin;
  • knife;
  • - a pot and a bowl for water bath (options: steamer, heater baby food glass jar, paraffin bath);
  • tray, medical oilcloth or a piece of flannel;
  • - plastic film or bags;
  • - Terry socks and mittens, towels.
Purchase high quality raw materials for paraffin. To create decorative candles and other purposes not related to skin applications, will fit the appropriate candles need colouring pre-remote fuse. However, doctors do not recommend the use of such products (especially flavoured and dyed) for skin applications due to allergic reactions. Buy a better wax at pharmacies that offer pieces by weight (most preferred option); in the form of packaged chips, or as a set of paraffin plates. This product is also available in the online stores.
To properly melt the paraffin under the action of steam; in the raw material should not be exposed to water it can threaten a burn. Make a water bath: heat water in a saucepan and put on top of a bowl of finely grated paraffin. You can cook the stuff in a double boiler or place a jar with pieces of raw materials into a baby food warmer. At a temperature of 54 degrees, the wax will start to melt; when receiving the same homogeneous viscous mass the process of melting is finished.
Use special paraffin bath if you are going to play home paraffin therapy quite often. This device is designed for treatment of the hands and feet and usually has a complete set of disposable gloves, Terry socks and mittens that you stretch after applying a melted substance onto the skin. Melt paraffin in a heater equipped - carefully read the instructions for its use.
When the wax in one way or another will be melted, proceed strictly according to the advice of experts. Usually at home are such manipulations:
• in the tub with cold to a warm comfortable state of the paraffin several times dip hands or feet – they should be covered with several layers of white matter. Then on the treated limb to put on gloves (socks) or they just be covered with a plastic wrap and towels.
• In melted paraffin dipped pieces of soft fabric (flannel is good), until it is completely soaked. With this cloth do the paraffin baths.
• Liquid molten substance is poured into a tray, and medical cloth, and let them freeze. In warm paraffin, cut into pieces and placed them on certain areas of the body. You can also seal them with hot wax, like softened clay. The layer material necessarily overlaps with polyethylene and warm fabric layer.
Useful advice
During the preparation of raw materials for paraffin can be mixed with various additives, which increase therapeutic (and cosmetic) effect. So, essential oils help to achieve complete relaxation; some vitamins and fragrances of medicinal herbs promote skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is important not to forget that paraffin has contraindications, so can not be used without prior consultation with a specialist.
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