You need to go to "task Manager". To do this, click with the right mouse button on the tab "task Bar". In the context menu, select "task Manager". Go to the tab "Processes". There you will see a list of all running processes. Find the one you need and with a click the right mouse button click on it. Next, select "Priority." Now you can increase the priority of the process. "Task Manager" can be closed.
To increase the priority, you can also use the utility InqSoft Speedballs. This program monitors all processes. Run it on your computer. Increase the priority of the process is automatic. Going to "Settings" you can change the settings. In the menu where it says "Increase priority to" check in High and click "Apply".
In the "control Panel" go to "setup". Select "Performance and maintenance". Go to the menu "System" and switch to the Performance tab. Find the section Application Performance and select with the arrows the desired priority level of the process.
You can increase the priority of process in Linux. This is done via the console. Click on the top - you will see the text. You can now perform different actions. To increase the priority, click on the keyboard r.
If you need to increase the priority of the process in the game, do the following. For example, take the game World of Warcraft. Open via "start", then "Notepad". Insert the following text: @echo off cd/d "C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft"start/high wow.exe. Change this way: "C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft" for a new one that will have you. Save the previously written text in Notepad, format .bat. Through this file, start your game. You will notice an increase in preference.